Public Works

Elizabethtown Public Works

The Department of Public Works has 41 full time employees divided into several divisions with different areas of responsibility.

Administrative Division: Traces water, sewer and gas lines, makes departmental purchases, dispatches workers, keeps records and performs other clerical duties.
Garage Division: Maintains and repairs city vehicles and equipment, excluding fire and police vehicles.
Street Services Division: Organizes brush, junk and leaf pick ups. The Street Services Division also mows and maintains rights of way, installs and maintains street signage and pavement markings, maintains city owned areas, and sweeps city streets.
Street Construction Division: Repairs and maintains city streets, removes snow and ice in the winter, and constructs some city streets.
Water and Sewer Division: Repairs and maintains the city water distribution system and waste water collection system. Waterleak repair, sewer blockage, and new service connections are also a responsibility of the Water and Sewer Division.

The Public Works Department has special brush, leaf, and junk pick ups throughout the year. These programs are all free to City residents.

Brush Pick Up: Brush Pick Up occurs daily, except during leaf season (October - December) and the Spring Clean Up during April. Residents should stack all large piles of brush as close to the street as possible. Limbs should be cut into sections, not to exceed 12 feet in length, with the butt ends together. Medium piles of brush should be cut into sections, not to exceed 4 feet in length, with butt ends together and as close to the street as possible. Any loose branches or yard debris should be tied into bundles, using string or twine. No bags will be picked up by City crews, except during the fall leaf season.
Leaf Pick Up: Leaf Pick Up takes place October - December. The Department will pick up leaves by two methods: (1) Clear bags, and (2) Loose leaf pick up of leaves placed at curb side will be vacuumed. These should be leaves only and not include brush. Clear bags may be purchased from the Department for a nominal fee.
Spring Clean Up: Spring Clean Up is for items not picked up by trash haulers. Junk cannot include garbage, hazardous materials, liquids (paint, oil, antifreeze, etc.), construction debris, tires or junk autos. Refrigerators, air conditioners, central air units, freezers, will only be picked up if the freon has been removed and has a tag stating that is was removed.

The Public Works Department coordinates the Adopt-a-Street program. Through the Adopt-a-Street program special interest groups volunteer to provide trash pick-up, cleaning or beautification of selected City streets.