City Council

Mayor and Elizabethtown City Council

Left to right:
Backrow: Bill Bennett, Tony Bishop, Kenny Lewis, Terry Shipp
Frontrow: Ron Thomas, Edna Berger, Marty Fulkerson

Edna Berger

The City of Elizabethtown is served by the Mayor and six Council members. The City Council formally meets the first and third Monday of the month in the Council Chambers on the second floor of City Hall at 4:30pm.

The City Council also meets in work sessions on the second and fourth Monday of the month in the City Council Chambers at 4:30pm.

William R. Bennett

Council Member since January 2013

Terry Shipp

Tony Bishop

Council Member from November 1995 to 2008, and January 2011 to present

Marty Fulkerson

Council Member since November 2000

Kenny Lewis

Council Member since January 2007

Ron Thomas

Council Member from January 1984 to April 1995, and January 1999 to present